Dense and lush, this wine exhibits notes of blackberry, cola, dark cherry, plum, dried red tobacco, leather, pen ink, cocoa, orange rind and caramel. The burnished palate is fresh and lively, convincingly expressing the intrigue of this unconventional approach.

Growing Conditions

At Ovid, we are committed to the idea and practice of experimentation in many facets of grape growing and winemaking, in order to learn more about our land and what will make the very best wine. We conduct formal experiments in order to investigate specific topics, and we participate in a number of applied studies as well. And we sometimes just indulge our curiosity by trying things several ways, in order to push what we know to be possible in both the vineyard and the winery. Our Experiment wines are a product of this process. Each vintage we offer small amounts of different wines that are of special interest to us, allowing you to taste and experience new aspects of Ovid’s vineyard and winemaking.


This Experiment is a furtherance of the thesis explored with the 2014 Experiment H3.4. With the H3.4 we wanted to investigate what would happen if we used larger 300L barrels rather than the standard 225L. Would the wines be fresher? Would they offer greater purity? What if we went even bigger? For the 2015 Experiment P5.5, we decided to age the wines in the standard 225L barrels for the first year and then blend and transfer the wines to 500L puncheons for the second year. The resulting wine is the best of both worlds. It has the freshness and vibrancy that we get from the larger formats while maintaining the integration and evolution of the smaller barrels.