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A brief history

OVID Napa Valley is an organically farmed, 15-acre vineyard and winery perched on a secluded mountaintop at 1,400 feet elevation in the Pritchard Hill geography of Napa Valley. Winemaker Austin Peterson, who has overseen winemaking since 2006, embraces a tension between classical and cutting-edge winemaking methods, combining site-specific experience with a sense of experimentation.
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255 Long Ranch Rd
Napa Valley, California, United States




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OVID Napa Valley Hexameter Bottle Preview
OVID Napa ValleyHexameter

OVID Napa Valley Loc. Cit. Bottle Preview
OVID Napa ValleyLoc. Cit.

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OVID Napa ValleyExperiment White

OVID Napa Valley Experiment Red Bottle Preview
OVID Napa ValleyExperiment Red

OVID Napa Valley Ovid Napa Valley Bottle Preview
OVID Napa ValleyOvid Napa Valley