This vintage has pronounced mountain fruit intensity. Complex aromas of dark fruit, spice and balanced oak notes were described in our production tasting as wonderfully mysterious. In addition to the classic Cabernet characters of black cherry, blackberry and cassis, we find black licorice, star anise, coriander and bay leaf spices.


Starting with a ripe, bold mouth-feel, there is a complexity to this vintage that we love. Ripe fruit, cherry candy and floral characters linger as layers of fruit continue to reveal themselves. There is an earthy, mature tannin texture from the Rutherford Dust and mountain vineyards that contribute to create a bitter-sweet cocoa powder taste and feel. Also lingering in the background is a baked or caramelized sugar note that adds to the long finish. Another fine example of what 100% Napa Cabernet Sauvignon can produce: a delicious wine after the proper barrel and bottle aging and a great candidate for cellar aging.

Growing Conditions

New Year’s Day 2006 started the year off with vineyards and roads submerged on the valley floor as Northern California experienced torrential rainfall the last few days of 2005. Many valley floor vineyards along the Napa River required trellis system repair and debris removal. Seemingly destructive, flooded vines are dormant at the time and by early spring emerge from a winter of inactivity, ready to produce the next year’s crop. By mid-summer, heat spells that broke records had passed and the cooling influence of the Pacific Ocean moderated temperatures, allowing a gradual ripening and the chance to develop delightful flavors, aromas and intensity in our grapes. Harvest was interrupted briefly by some brief, light October rain which we love to see for our Cabernet. A little rain allows the vines to finish that last bit of maturation giving the fruit more flavor and a better texture in the tannins.

Vineyard Locations: Howell Mountain, Atlas Peak, Mt. Veeder, Rutherford, St. Helena 100% Organically Grown Grapes


Bottled September 15, 2008


Aged 22 Months 82% New French Oak