Fresh, aromatic and enticing aromas of strawberry, cranberry
and ripe pear fill the glass.


Lightweight in the mouth with waves of
flavor roll across the palate. A nice touch of acidity on palate give the
wine a long, crisp finish.

Growing Conditions

Some vintners have called the 2016 vintage “a near-perfect growing
season”. The 2016 growing season was very smooth with warm, mild
weather devoid of any noteworthy heat spikes or climatic anomalies.
We saw ideal weather conditions throughout and wrapped up as the
region’s first significant fall rainstorm arrived in mid-October.
Thanks to a relatively steady and mild July and August and then a
series of warm days at the end of the growing season, vineyards were
able to progress to perfect ripeness.


Our Cabernet Sauvignon and Barbera grapes were harvested at the
optimum maturity to capture the bright fruit flavors while retaining
fresh acidity.


We made this wine with the Provence style in mind
while being true to its California roots and Italian family heritage.
Finally, we added just a touch of Muscat for the aromas to round out
the blend.


Light pink and salmon-colored.