This Malbec has aromas of dark cherry, blueberry, licorice, cinnamon, and black pepper


A rich, concentrated mouthfeel is highlighted by dark fruits, red currants, and chocolate, with traces of cassis and violet. This wine has rich tannin, medium acidity, a silky texture, and a long, well-balanced finish.

Growing Conditions

The 2013 growing season proved to be an excellent year in Napa Valley. It was slightly warmer than 2012, resulting in an overall earlier growing season. Lower than normal rainfall paired with moderate spring weather brought early bud break and bloom. Sunny skies throughout the summer months led to early veraison and harvest. Warm daytime temperatures followed by cool nights prior to harvest produced evenly ripened fruit with ideal hang time.


Rolando loves Malbec due to its “extreme” personality. This wine is aged in 85% new French oak for 20 months, at which point he feels the fruit, tannins, and oak are in perfect harmony.


Dark purple in color.

Food Pairing

This spicy and deeply complex wine deserves your best dishes. Start toasting spices and make a true Oaxacan mole or get those ribs marinating in spices and brown sugar - you will thank us later.