This 2014 bottling boasts deep, dark fruit
aromas. A hint of something cool and distant, akin to marine air, opens up to reveal classic black currant and
berry syrup aromas.


The aromas carry through onto the silky and rich palate, which lls every corner of your
mouth. The tannin, acid, and alcohol are in such balance that wine feels sweet, though it is bone dry. The
100% new oak provides structure and subtle vanilla hints on the nish. Decant for at least one hour in
advance for maximum enjoyment.

Growing Conditions

Merus is handmade in every sense of the word. It is composed primarily of Cabernet Sauvignon from the
Coombsville Viticultural Appellation in the Southeastern corner of the Napa Valley. e individual
vineyards selected for Merus are owned by a handful of serious growers who possess extraordinary terroirs
and a willingness to implement our strict farming and harvesting protocols. Severe pruning, cluster sorting,
small-lot fermentations and careful lot selection combine to create a wine that is dense, concentrated
and nuanced.

The bulk of Merus comes from a single well-chosen Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard site in the Coombsville
A.V.A of the Napa Valley. This is one of the coolest sites in the Napa Valley which allows the vines to remain
viable and active into November. What it also has going for it under challenging conditions is very
well-draining soil (volcanic strewn with river cobble), early morning sunshine due to the gentle eastern aspect,
and daily afternoon breezes.

The 2014 Merus is a singularly delicious bottle of wine, hailing from a vintage that brought out the absolute
best of the Napa Valley. The wines from 2014 are powerful yet graceful, and no place epitomizes this balance
better than the Coombsville AVA.

95% Cabernet Sauvignon (Coombsville AVA)
5% Petit Verdot (Yountville AVA)


Rather than crushing and fermenting at 95+ degrees with commercial
yeast strains to maximize extraction, Merus is fermented with primarily whole berries at 75 degrees using
100% indigenous yeast. Cooler whole berry fermentations retain more esters specific to the variety and
vineyard and allow the yeast to remain viable to absolute dryness.


100% New Frenck oak; 25 Months in barrel.