Guava, honeycomb, and apricot on the nose.


Mango, apples, toasted nuts, velvety creamed honey, and crème brulée on the palate.

Growing Conditions

Our estate vineyard is located in the southern end of Napa Valley
known for providing excellent growing conditions for white wines.
Its proximity to the San Francisco Bay provides morning fog,
creating ideal growing conditions to make a fully botrytized late
harvest wine.


These grapes are left on the vine until 30 Brix. At this time, naturally
occurring botrytis sets in the grape clusters, also known as Noble
Rot in classic Sauternes production. The Botrytis produces luscious
honey notes and mouthfeel which perfectly complements the
grapefruit and delicate floral aromas of Pinot Grigio.


100% Stainless Steel

Food Pairing

Hard cheeses, strawberries and other fruit, blue cheese and honey.