The Lark has a layered perfume that upon opening immediately reveals incense, cedar wood, and a cabinet of winter spices from cardamom to star anise. As the smoky and savory notes drift, a core of dark blue and black fruit and floral notes blossom. These graceful aromas are woven effortlessly into an intricate bouquet that demands contemplation before the first sip is taken.


On the palate The Lark leads with its savory side but transitions quickly to a reveal a core of licorice, luscious blue fruit and spice. The tannins are incredibly refined, and appear initially silky on the outer palate. The flavors are intense, uplifting and lingering, with a dusty black cherry finish that lasts for over a minute.

Growing Conditions

The 2013 vintage produced wines that were imposing in their youth, and greatly benefitted from The Lark’s four year release schedule. Upon bottling in 2015, the wine was opaque, almost inky, dark, dense, and impenetrable. Today, the 2013 The Lark remains brooding but is beginning to unwind and reveal itself, a position it will hold for another 5-7 years before it moves again. Drink this wine now to enjoy its youthful charm, but cellar it for another 10+ years to revel in its purity. S O I L P R O F I L E : BALE LOAM (SAND) Due to limited availability The Lark is offered on an allocated basis. Please inquire.