Port-style fortified dessert wine made from Syrah grapes.

Growing Conditions

The Lagier Meredith label is dedicated to wines made from estate-grown grapes. Most of our effort is in the vineyard, where we devote considerable time to fine tuning the balance between the leaf canopy and the fruit. Not too much crop, not too little, just the right amount for the best flavors that our site can produce. Our winemaking practices are minimal. No extended maceration. We use only neutral French oak barrels in order to minimize oak flavor. We started out growing only Syrah, but we now also grow Mondeuse, Malbec and Zinfandel.

A dark sweet liquid to sip alone or share with friends in contemplation of yesterday or tomorrow. Made from Syrah grapes picked at 28°Brix, fermentation arrested with neutral spirits.


Aged in neutral French oak barrels for 22 months.