This wine is lush with aromas of sweet cream and hazelnut.


The first sip adds flavors of citrus fruits, such as lemon, lime, orange, and tangerine. Extending the experience, these flavors linger on the palate and create a long finish.

Growing Conditions

The Reinke Vineyard lies in Napa Valley’s Carneros district, one of the finest winegrowing regions in the world for cultivating thinskinned Chardonnay grapes. The cooling breezes off the San Pablo Bay allow the grapes a longer hang time in which to develop flavor and intensity, without sacrificing acidity and true balance.

The near-perfect 2016 growing season started early, saw ideal weather conditions throughout, and wrapped up as the valley’s first significant fall rainstorm arrived on October 14th. Thanks to a relatively steady and mild July and August, and then a series of warm days at the end of the growing season, vineyards were able to progress to perfect ripeness.


The Chardonnay grapes chosen to produce this reserve wine were barrel fermented, using several unique strains of yeast. Upon completing fermentation, the wine remained in barrels for an additional three months of sur lee aging, with approximately 80% going through Malolactic fermentation.

Food Pairing

Pairing Dry, lush, and balanced wines, such as this Chardonnay, are destined for food pairing. For instance, herb-crusted Halibut with a light mint sauce sends this Chardonnay up to its highest level. The dominant flavor of the mint sauce will further enhance the bright fruit character of the wine and make a perfect combination. This Chardonnay is quite versatile and works beautifully to provide balance and to enhance the flavors of many styles of cuisine.