This wine expresses aroma of candied Christmas cherries, light strawberry-rhubarb essence, and watermelon candy.


The flavor is fruit-driven, clean, and light in body with good acidity and pleasant balance.

Growing Conditions

The winter was one of the driest on record, although we did receive 75% of normal precipitation. The relatively dry, warm winter promoted early bud break and a cool spring supported a long flowering period. The balance of the season was moderate to warm. The crop was very light, with small clusters of small concentrated berries, and the fruit ripened about two weeks early in most cases.


The grapes for this expressive Rosé are sorted, lightly crushed and pumped to a fermentation tank for a few hours of cold soaking before separation into a small fermentation tank. Yeast is added to initiate fermentation. Fresh and flavorful, the juice is then fermented like a white wine at very cold temperatures to preserve the bright fruit-forward aromas.


No oak aging to preserve the freshness of the fruit.


A slight red blush.