Growing Conditions

The 2018 vintage was a joy to behold. Early budbreak was slowed by threats of spring frost. A cold, gray spring gave way to a mild, pleasant summer. Every forecasted heatwave fizzled, while the harvest monsoon became a light dusting of rain over eastern region of Los Carneros. For the grapes, this meant ample hang time with no need to rush during harvest. The wines have terrific concentration and have retained all their crispness and vitality.


Crafted from vines planted to higher elevation on our Los Carneros estate, the 2018 Pinot Noir, Spire is savory on the nose with sage, rosemary, cardamom and clove spices accenting black cherry and raspberry fruit. The palate is lush and full-bodied with an expansive core of dark fruit and wild strawberry notes, stitched gracefully together with velvety, satin-like tannins, and a nice balance of acidity which transitions to a long, shimmering finish.