A swirl of the glass reveals Venezuelan chocolate commingled with embers that lead into creamy vanilla bean. Hallmark characteristics of hibiscus blossom, exotic Asian apple, and rose petal recall the earliest vintages of this wine, with time revealing ripe red plum with subtle earth and herbs.


The 2015 vintage has a leaner countenance than its juicier predecessor, with a medium body and pleasant dryness on the palate that is reminiscent of a dried apricot fruit rollup. A zesty mid-palate twang of navel orange finishes off with a hint of black pepper. Magnificent structure, deep intensity, and seamless integration make this a wine that will linger on your palate and in your mind long after the last sip.


12 months in 30% new oak, 50/50 French/American


Deep magenta core and scarlet rim sparkle with crystalline clarity.