Aromas of green apple, pear and a hint of oak


rich, creamy round texture from the malo-lactic
fermentation, give the wine a delicious mouthfeel and
lengthy finish while the tank-fermented portion keeps the
wine bright, crisp and lively. Crisp and refreshing on the

Growing Conditions

The 2012 growing season in Napa Valley was about as perfect as it could be for grape growing. An abundance of
evenly ripened grapes gave winemakers the opportunity to take only the best fruit. A mild spring led to a near
perfect pageant of spring bud break, steady flowering, and even fruit set. A long stretch of perfect summer days of
the kind that grapes love - wide temperature swings, from the low 50s at night to at least 85 degrees every day gave
them a long, slow ripening process. Fall rains held off until the grapes were safely delivered to crush pads. This
vintage will be remembered as one of the best ever for the Napa Valley.


75% tank, 25% barrel (6 mos),
25% new oak