Growing Conditions

The 2018 vintage will long be remembered in Napa Valley as the winemaker's dream. The season began with the perfect amount of rainfall to rejuvenate the crop. The absence of any heat spikes allowed grapes to ripen evenly without risk of burn or raising. However, the most important attribute of the 2018 growing season was the long hang time. September and October were warm and even with little rain. This allowed winemakers to allow the fruit to hang and develop flavor without adding any additional sugar and harvest under perfect conditions.


Flavors of lemon rind, citrus and grapefruit meet with aromas of orange blossom framed with notes of wet stone and lemon oil. The mouth fills with meyer lemon, honeydew and a hint of pear compote that finishes long with mineral acidity begging for just one more sip.


100% stainless tank fermented