The aromas are ripe with strawberry, rhubarb and floral notes and backed with ample acidity showcasing a lemon citrus profile.


On the palate this wine is very refreshing and lively with the acidity bouncing off the palate and integrating nicely with the ripe berry flavors from the Syrah and rounded with subtle spice notes from the Grenache. The palate rounds out the composition with subtle earth notes from the Mourvedre and back then to the ample citrus acidity.

Growing Conditions

The grapes were grown by Tony Domingos at Seashell Vineyard in Paso Robles’ Geneseo district. Made from Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre.


This Rosé was made in part as a byproduct to our Red Dirt Red wine, by taking some of the juice at the distemmer before the grapes were pumped into the red fermenter. A good portion of the wine however was made by pressing the grapes directly in the press. We combined each of these juice fractions together, cold settled the juice, racked off the gross lees and then fermented cold for about 30 days to capture the natural floral, strawberry and berry aromas of these varietals.


Light, salmon colored.