The wine is filled with bright tropical notes but the standout is the citrus flavors that dominate the palate. Even with the strong acidity the wine is surprisingly clean and smooth.

Growing Conditions

This wine comes from Somerston Estates, the same location we get our Petit Verdot. Somerston is located 10 miles East of the Silverado Trail in the eastern hills of Napa Valley. The vineyard site is home to cool nights, late morning fog and warm days that ensure the grapes ripen slowly and evenly develop. As you can tell we only make this wine when the time is right and the 2013 Vintage was it. The 2013 vintage in Napa Valley was another stellar year. The wine is bright, balanced and smooth. The warm and dry spring provided ideal weather and growing conditions for the 2013 vintage.


We don’t like the word “Reserve” because there is no legal definition, but if there was this wine would be it. We let this wine age and age to develop a smooth and deep character. This wine is richer and creamier than our so called “standard” Sauvignon Blanc.


36 months barrel aged. 50% New French Oak; 50% Once-used Oak barrels.