Our 2011 has the quintessential raspberry and blackberry notes of a classic cab, with the complexity of dark chocolate and tobacco.

Growing Conditions

2011 started with a summer that didn’t get quite as hot as cabernet fruit likes, followed by some good downpours during harvest, which can lead to rot. So we went to Howell Mountain in St. Helena, where two ideal blocks on a rocky hillside gave us the warm weather conditions and drainage we needed for great fruit. We aged it in 65% new oak to give it just the right amount of smoky flavors. And got an excellent vintage in spite of - or maybe even thanks to - the weather.


How do you make a standout cab amongst the gazillion others in Napa? In a challenging year where the weather said we’d be crazy (or foolish) to try? If you’re Uproot, you say yes to that challenge. And then you make the red wine your friends have been bugging you to make. This is classic cabernet, but with a chocolate-covered cherry on top.


22 months barrel aged. 65% New French Oak Barrels, 35% Neutral French Oak Barrels.