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A brief history

Unwritten is a St Helena based boutique winery dedicated to making a complex yet elegant Cabernet Sauvignon, made by the acclaimed winemaker, Mark Porembski, known in Napa Valley for his beautiful portfolio of wines. Superb sourcing and careful selection work hand in hand to create an extraordinary wine that seduces the palate both today and 20 years from now.
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Established in 2014

1221 Duhig Rd
United States, California




Meet The Team

  • Mark Porembski

    Mark Porembski first became interested in wine years ago while studying poetry and discovering that some restaurants in Boston’s North End were not perfectly strict about the legal drinking age. He moved to California in 2000 to pursue his interest in wine, eventually taking on the position as Winemaker at Anomaly Vineyards. Mark founded Zeitgeist Cellars, a wine label in collaboration with his wife, Jennifer Williams, in 2005. With experience that includes dozens of wineries in Napa and a stint in Hawkes Bay New Zealand, Mark brings conscientious selection and a commitment to simple and thoughtful creation to Unwritten Wines.

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