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15 Wines from 9 Grape Varieties

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TOR Wines BFD To Kalon Bottle Preview
TOR WinesBFD To Kalon

TOR Wines Black Magic Bottle Preview
TOR WinesBlack Magic

Real magic cannot be explained or reasoned. It is astonishing and challenges our imagination. It is in this wine. Here is the essence of Cabernet Sauvignon co-fermented with Petit Verdot, blended with perhaps Napa’s best Cabernet franc making it as black as a moonless Napa Valley night. It will not be made every year, only those years when we feel a special presence. For Black Magic you need not, should not, know more.

TOR Wines TOR Syrah Bottle Preview
TOR WinesTOR Syrah

TOR Wines TOR Grenache Bottle Preview
TOR WinesTOR Grenache

TOR Wines Noble Rot Bottle Preview
TOR WinesNoble Rot