orange peel and orange blossom aromas commingling with refined
floral notes of honeysuckle


Despite a massive downpour in November 2014, California suffered yet another year of
drought conditions with average rainfall in 2015 well below average. Lack of rain and a mild
winter led to early bud break which pushed harvest up a couple of weeks earlier than normal.
Cool temperatures in May hampered pollination in the vineyards leading to very low yields as
much as 50% lighter than average. A few short heat spells in July, August and September
ensured an early harvest with no issues getting fruit ripe before the El Nino rains that started
in November. Despite low yields and drought conditions, quality in the 2015 vintage is very
high with deep concentration of flavors.


Whole cluster pressed
Cold Fermentation: Epernay 2 yeast @ 48-52F in Stainless Steel Fermenter
Fermentation & Ageing: 5 months, stainless steel tank
Fermentation halted at 5 º brix