This is a very bold, flavorful rosé wine, brimming with aromas of fresh strawberry, cherry, and orange blossom.


In the mouth, the wine is juicy and well-structured, with generous notes of fresh cherry, Meyer lemon, and a touch of watermelon.

Growing Conditions

The 2017 growing season started with heavy rainfall, making it one of the wettest years on record. This lead to vigorous canopy growth, and an early bud-break in mid-March. Summer began with moderate temperatures in June & July, followed by sporadic heat spikes throughout the season. The sugar levels continued to increase with the heat spikes but then fell back down as the weather cooled, making the harvest season a game of start-and stop. The grapes rapidly developed beautiful ripe flavors with balanced acidity.

Food Pairing

Try this Rosato with spicy paella, barbecued shrimp, or simply on its own as a refreshing aperitif.