Bright and fresh, our Viognier opens with fragrant orange blossom and fresh nectarine aromas.


The clean, angular style continues through the palate, picking up succulent white peach and apricot notes as it develops. The fruit persists through the long, vibrant finish, accented by a cleansing bite of clementine.


The seductive beauty of Viognier lies in its fresh, dancing aromas and vibrant flavors. But on the vine, the grapes can be rather difficult, demanding ideal conditions and carrying considerably high tannins in their skins. Therefore, winemaking becomes a test of patience, requiring careful coaxing to retain the bright fruit and citrus notes without the tannic bite. We began by destemming the grapes and holding them on their skins for one hour prior to pressing. This extended skin contact gently extracted the natural enzymes and optimized the aromas in the grapes. Gentle pressing with minimal rolls further curbed any tannin extraction, followed by a cool fermentation at a cool 55° F for 32 days in stainless steel. This long, slow fermentation retained the delicate aromas and flavors, capturing a bright, fresh style

Food Pairing

This wine, with its pleasant, silky texture and well-balanced acidity, shows nicely on its own as well as making an ideal match to a variety of lighter dishes with shellfish, seafood or poultry.