Highly aromatic, our Malvasia Bianca welcomes the senses with a mélange of exotic spices, candied ginger and orange blossom, which playfully dance through ripe nectarines and apricots.


Across the palate, these flavors continue, skillfully weaving sweet fruits, exotic spices and hints of floral across a plush mid-palate. Juicy pear and apricot are lifted by bright tangerine, cardamom, coriander and ginger, which continue through the long, clean finish.


When approaching this wine, we used a holistic approach, focusing on the varietal character and its bright, fresh, aromatic qualities. After we picked the grapes, they were destemmed and sent direct to press. The juice was cooled and allowed to settle before we racked it into stainless steel tanks. We maintained low temperatures for a long, slow fermentation, which preserved the delicate nuances of the varietal. When the sugars and acids reached the optimal level, we arrested fermentation, leaving a touch of sweetness in the overall blend.