2018 was yet another amazing vintage from the Napa Valley - intense, rich, dark and delicious! Dark dried garnet, staining orange. Honey-baked ham and wildflower tincture run thick with dank mint driven deep into worn out work boots. The concentrated oak directs sauced onion and jelly-donut frosting into a savory stillness dripping with luxury.


In the mouth, bright zingy sarsaparilla and lemon-lime blast ridiculous amounts of fruit in all directions. Peaks of spice and acid churn the scalp, and the prettiest clean pure cherry fruit bond-beams the entire center together. Sweet-bitter gradually creeps into the finish–thin, even: nowhere NEAR as concentrated as the nose might have hinted–adding even more life to a wine positively jumping with youthful vigor. Dark smoky candied fruit appears far into the finish, wrapping and sealing the whole package in full circle.


The wine was aged for 34 months in custom French Oak barrels and only four barrels were produced.