Classic Riesling nose of honeysuckle, grapefruit and wet stone with just a hint of petrol
binding everything together into a harmonious whole that couldn’t be anything other
than Riesling.


If anything, it’s even better on the palate. It has an impressive silky
texture complemented by an equally impressive depth of flavor mid-palate. Lively and
fruity and clean with intense varietal character. The acidity is integrating nicely, but the
wine still exhibits a tasty crispness at the finish. It’s a lovely expression of a mountain
grown Riesling.

Growing Conditions

This wine is made from mountain grown grapes, honoring the international tradition of
Riesling which thrives on steep hillsides.

- Dry-farmed estate mountain vineyard


At Smith-Madrone our goal is to make
artisanal wines which are distinctive and are an expression of both the vintage and us as
vintners, but above all else, are wines which bring pleasure to the senses. Every year
our wine is made from the same vineyards, pruned by the same people in the same way,
cultivated in exactly the same manner and harvested at similar levels of maturity, yet
Mother Nature stamps each vintage with a unique set of flavors, senses and character.
Vintage dating is a celebration of that uniqueness and diversity.