The Musqué clone of Sauvignon blanc possesses not only the grassy, melony characteristics of the varietal, but also the floral and tropical aromas and flavors as well such as peach, pear and jasmine.


This wine is great for all occasions and all climates. In cold months it pairs well with cream based pastas and fish stews and in late spring, summer and fall months, it is a refreshing wine to quaff or pair with Petrale Sole, Chicken Cesar Salads and Oysters Rockefeller or on the half.

Growing Conditions

The 2014 vintage was early and excellent! Although rainfall levels for the ’13-’14 winter were some of the lowest on
record, the timing of the spring rains in early ’14 were at the perfect time to give the vines a drink during bloom and set. A moderately cool late spring and summer allowed the hang time of the fruit to develop amazing flavor and aroma in the fruit and juice. An early kick off to the harvest and even weather allowed us to enjoy another great vintage. Sauvignon blanc is the great white grape of Bordeaux, France and has adapted to select vineyards in Napa Valley as well. It thrives on both warm and cool climates and expresses itself differently in both. In cool climates, it is more expressive of green fruits, gooseberry and freshly cut hay. In warmer climates, it has tropical characteristics and more lively fruit.


January 7th, 2015


The green-golden clusters were whole-cluster pressed and cold settled for 36 hours prior to inoculation with a native yeast culture that produced a slow fermentation and retained aromatic esters. After 38 days of slow fermentation, the wine was “dry” and was racked off the “lees”. It was cold stabilized and prepared for bottling. The wine was bottled while fresh and fruity and full of varietal character.