Growing Conditions

- Site: Our 2018 Rochioli blend is 84% Mid-40 block and 16% River block.

- Soil: Yolo sandy loam and overwash, derived from sedimentary formation in alluvial fans.

- Clonal Selection: Our rows from Mid-40 block are clones 4 (planted 1995) and 76 (1995 & 1998). Our rows from River block are clone 5 (1989).


The 2018 season was exemplary. Spring was drier than in 2017, and after two years of poor set, consistently mild weather led to good berry set. Higher cluster counts than the low yielding years of 2015-2017, coupled with cooler late summer temperatures, brought longer hang times with harvest dates up to two weeks later than the previous vintage.

Harvested: September 13, 2018


The Chardonnay was traditionally fined for clarity and texture and bottled without filtration.


We gently press whole clusters for phenolic delicacy. Native yeast and full native malolactic fermentation take place in barrel, with sur lies bâtonnage.


Aging 20 months in 25% new François Frères and Taransaud Beaune French oak barrels.