The original aromatics of strawberry, lavender & citrus peel are still very present in this wine, as is the crisp & enjoyable finish.

Growing Conditions

We are astounded how well Rose produced from the lush Petite Sirah grape ages with such grace. We are all accustomed to American Rose's being somewhat "over the hill" beyond 12 months or so following bottling. We love it so much, we just enjoyed it in April (2018) for our own Quixote Staff BBQ...but very few cases remain!


Our grapes are both picked and sorted by hand from small picking bins instead of large 1/2 tons bins that can crush the grapes under their own weight. Any grapes with flaws are discarded to ensure the best quality and flavors. The grapes then go through a cold soak phase to start extracting flavors and color prior to fermentation starting. During the first 45 minutes of the cold soak about 10-15% of the liquid volume is removed from each tank to help the wines become richer and fuller body. It's from a portion of this removed liquid that we make our Rose of Petite Sirah that sells out early into the summer months