Floral notes of roses and strawberries in the nose.


Medium bodied and
broad on the palate. Fresh and bright, flavors of melon, rhubarb, and
citrus zest with hints of vanilla bean and strawberry cream in a dry and
clean form and finish.

Growing Conditions

This is the first pC wine from pureCru Napa Valley Winery. Whereas the
other wines come from Napa Valley grapes, this one is from a vineyard
that I have used before for red wines at my former winery going back
many years.

Vineyard: Mohr Fry Vineyards


The grapes were picked early in the morning and then de-stemmed
with a slight breaking of the grapes and pumped directly into the press
where the juice is separated from the skins, seeds and solids, then put into
a stainless steel tank. It was cold fermented to dryness.