Expressive aromas of rhubarb, rustic cherry and Christmas spice-cake aromas. Underlying the bright fruits is a subtle smoked meatiness, reminiscent of prosciutto-wrapped fresh figs.


On the palate the blend mixes both dark and red berry notes, creating a pleasing mouthfeel with hints of delicate young rose perfume and dusty tannins that dance across your palate on the lengthy finish.

Growing Conditions

Dry, early and shaking is how 2014 will be remembered in Napa Valley, yet it had a silver lining with small, concentrated berries and high quality. February’s rains brought the total rainfall from low to adequate and help relieve three years of drought conditions. Warm temperatures promoted early budbreak and accelerated grape maturation.


Just as harvest began, a dramatic 6.0 earthquake shook Napa Valley awake on August 24; Provenance was fortunate to come through unscathed. We finished the very compact, plentiful harvest by mid-October and celebrated the vintage’s “ripened-to-perfection” grapes.


A deep crimson-hued Bordeaux-style blend.