The wine presents a fanciful taste profile of orange blossom, freshly-cut strawberries, ripe peach, and dewy lemon verbena. It produces an electric crispness and bright mouthfeel.


Begs for flavor packed foods from fresh, tropical sushi, to rich, barbecued meats, to spicy, grilled fish and veggies. A sure compliment to any beach blanket, picnic table or outdoor patio. You’ll be sipping all summer long, smiling from ear to ear.

Growing Conditions

Our fruit is exclusively farmed for this luxurious wine from the acclaimed Geoff-Dutton Ranch in Russian River Valley. Inspired by our love for the Southern French bottlings of Domaine Ott and Domaine Tempier, we launched our third offering, which we refer to as our beloved "Pinky Promise". While most Rosé is a bleed off of other wines, we meticulously craft ours from the berry to the bottle. We farm and harvest the fruit specifically for our Rosé program to achieve the best results.


Our amazing winemaker, Kirk Venge, harvested the grapes in late August of 2017 with perfect ripeness and acidity, punctuating the stunning summer in wine country, which he masterfully captured in the bottle for your sophisticated palate.


You are first enamored by a beautiful, salmon color, as light dances through the bottle and glistens with hues of elegant pink.