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A brief history

Priest Ranch is a historic Napa Valley property established in 1869 by James Joshua Priest, a Gold Rush prospector. In 2006, we established Priest Ranch wines to pay tribute to the history of the property and Napa Valley. Produced from the historic Priest Ranch, our wines showcase the diversity of the terroir and elevations of our vineyards. Our source produces "fruit so distinctive that it requires only minimal processing, which ensures that its robust mountain flavors shine through as intensely rich, yet beautifully integrated and very approachable in the wines. - Craig Becker; Priest Ranch embodies the essence of Napa Valley, from the trailblazing mindset of its establishing pioneers to today´s spirit of epicurean and agricultural excellence. Inspired by adventurous pioneers like James Joshua Priest and others who have helped shape the Napa Valley we call home, Priest Ranch is dedicated to producing estate-farmed wines of uncommon quality and character.; We believe that all wines must stem from the land itself. Our winemaker and viticulturist, Craig Becker, draws on rich, diverse vineyard sources that feature a variety of elevations, exposures, soils and microclimates. With knowledge borne of deep experience, Craig takes a minimalist approach to winemaking, encouraging the highest expression of personality, intensity and distinction in each varietal we produce.; Honoring our Napa Valley heritage by cultivating wines with distinctive profiles that expressly link them to their estate source, Priest Ranch is committed to sharing a legacy that encompasses agricultural integrity, a forward-thinking mindset and an unswerving commitment to quality at the very highest level.
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6490 Washington Street
Napa Valley, California, United States


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Featured Wines

Priest Ranch Winery Coach Gun Bottle Preview
Priest Ranch WineryCoach Gun

Coach Gun is a Bourdeaux blend that is made using some of the best fruit from our estate.

Priest Ranch Winery Cabernet Sauvignon Bottle Preview
Priest Ranch WineryCabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is a full-bodied red wine. The rounded mouthfeel is persistent in the long and lingering opulent finish. With a good tannin structure and balanced acidity on the palate, you can taste hints of vanilla, black cherry, cassis, and plum.

Priest Ranch Winery Sauvignon Blanc Bottle Preview
Priest Ranch WinerySauvignon Blanc

This crisp wine has hints of white peach, melon, and hints of tropical passion fruit that are inviting on the nose and palate. There is a balanced amount of acidity that leads to a refreshing crispness on the finish.

Priest Ranch Winery Mauser Bottle Preview
Priest Ranch WineryMauser

Priest Ranch Winery Grenache Blanc Bottle Preview
Priest Ranch WineryGrenache Blanc

Grenache Blanc is a beautiful crisp white wine with a pleasant acidity on the palate. Hints of bright fruit are accentuated on the nose, while flavors of green apples and citrus accent the finish. Our favorite ways to enjoy a glass is with some triple cream cheese, alongside a spicy dish, or even on its own.

Priest Ranch Winery Snake Oil Bottle Preview
Priest Ranch WinerySnake Oil

The term snake oil was born in an era of uncertainty and blind trust, at a time when hope made everyone a true believer. Today, Priest Ranch is staking a claim on the name Snake Oil and redefining it. As with all Priest Ranch wines, it represents authenticity, a sense of origin, and a real place. Both Priest Ranch and the names chosen to represent our wines, work to honor an era of pioneering, exploration, and hope for a better life in California in the 1860s. The creation of Snake Oil happened on an ordinary day of blending at the winery, when three outstanding blocks of Cabernet Sauvignon were combined. The result was a wine far superior to any individual component. A unique blend of vineyard blocks, two from the western part of the estate and one from the east, unveiled a distinct combination. Snake Oil and Coach Gun represent the luxury tier of Priest Ranch wines. These wines showcase the depth, quality, and potential of our estate. Priest Ranch Snake Oil is an authentic cure for all…