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A brief history

The Pra Vinera line provides our consumers with exceptional California styled wines, with a twist of Italian influence, from our winemakers who have mastered this art for over 30 years. Each vintage is carefully selected and sourced from the best growing regions in California, allowing our winemaker to continue to provide these high-quality styles of wine year after year.

Pra Vinera is a young brand, launching in 2015, the brand has quickly grown with consumer interest on the West Coast in the states it was released. This quick interest and record sales for the winery has allowed Pra Vinera Winery to increase production in order to further its market share in states throughout the United States and internationally. These wines allow consumers to enjoy the high quality of Pra Vinera Wines for any occasion.
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Established in 2015

1397 Marsh Street
United States, California


Meet The Team

  • Dario di Conti

    Dario grew up on his family’s farm in Veneto, Italy. He began formal education in enology at age 14, and ten years later received his Masters’ degree in winemaking. Dario funded his decade of tuition payments by working at his family’s pizzeria, where he learned the fine art of the pizzaiolo and ignited a lifelong passion for pizza.

    He also found inspiration in Italian wine culture, which treats wine as a joyful part of everyday life, rather than something to show off or put on a pedestal. He pours his playful spirit and loving intention into every heartcrafted wine he makes.

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  • Stefano Migotto

    Stefano is a third-generation vintner and distiller from Abano Terme in Northern Italy. He grew up helping in his family’s winery from the time he could walk and eventually took over its leadership. After earning an enology degree from Scuola Enologica di Conegliano, Stefano moved to the United States with 12 years of winemaking experience and a taste for new adventures.

    Stefano is a hopeless gearhead. He spends most of his time at the winery running production and geeking out on wine equipment. His commitment to authentic, soulful winemaking is surpassed only by his dedication to his children.

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