The perfumed aromas are intriguing and classic
Chenin--—apple, peach, honey, with a hint of ginger and pineapple.


Appropriate acidity wakes up the palate and
leads to a refreshing mineral grip that extends to the great texture of the wine.

Growing Conditions

In 2012, sunshine and a warm dry spring gave way to mild and ideal growing conditions through the summer. Not
only did this result in high quality grapes, but an abundant supply as well. It was a welcome relief to this veteran
winemaker who has experienced more than 30 harvests in Napa Valley. It was a fantastic looking vintage to receive
our first few tons of Chenin Blanc.


Bottling Date: April 10, 2013


Whole-cluster pressing gently
releases the juice that ferments in stainless steel with a yeast selected to accentuate the fruitiness and wonderful
aromatics of the grape.

Fermentation: 21 days at 50º


After fermentation, a portion continues to age in stainless steel barrels as well as old neutral
French oak barrels to add some texture and richness. 55% Stainless Steel,
45% Neutral Oak.


Vibrant in appearance, the 2012 offers the slightest hint of gold.