Aromas are mineral—that wet-stone,
gravel, non-fruity component—with apple, cardamom, vanilla, toasted hazelnut, white pepper, and a slight hint of
orange peel.


It is not tropical, tutti-frutti, or sweet. What also excites me about this wine is that although it offers
rich flavors, its acid and laser beam focus reign it in, keeping it alive and refreshing as well as sustaining the long

Growing Conditions

2009 will be discussed and evaluated in two ways—before the rains and after the rains. It was a beautiful,
mild, growing season with slow, great flavor development in the grapes. Everything before the rains arguably are
equal to anything of this decade.


We harvested a meager amount—1.25 tons—of Chardonnay on September 23.


Bottling Date: August 17, 2010


The tiny berries were whole-clustered pressed, settled overnight and then racked to barrel. Each barrel was
inoculated with a yeast strain chosen for its ability to ferment slowly and not generate much heat, critical in barrel
fermentation. The goal was to preserve aromatics and add complexity.


The wine was aged sur-lie for 10 months. 100% French Oak 1/3 new.


The Chardonnay we produced in 2009 is very light golden in color.