A shockingly mischievous elegance defined by bewitching intense sweet blackcurrant, Fuji apple, hibiscus, plum, raspberry, cinnamon, and mocha aromas galumph into a fiendishly bright and balanced fruit, tannin and acid structure.
The grotesquely bright mid pallet fruit shuffles in exquisitely balanced flavors of blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, key lime, stone fruit, cherry and plum that excite horror in those unfamiliar with our miscreant Cabernet Franc.

Growing Conditions

The 2013 vintage began with a mild spring, good fruit set, followed by ideal growing conditions with mild weather through veraison that continued throughout the summer months. September was the warmest month of the vintage and pushed ripening along at a steady and even pace. The grapes accumulated good ripeness and flavor development because of the heat and resultant extended hang time. The harvest did not begin until September 22nd, and we were fortunate to have picked all but a micro-vineyard of Petit Verdot before the October rains. We had one pick after the rains, completing harvest on October 24th. The wines in general are very strong with intense color, flavor and good balance of acid and ripe tannins.


20 Months in 70% French New Oak and 30% 1 Year used French Oak (Sylvain, Nadalie, Ermitage Cooperages)


This monstrously beguiling wine, sutures together a full bodied, dark garnet preposterously multifaceted vivacious wine.