The nose is
sweet and spicy with the typical bouquet of Port wine with dried fruit, figs, apricots and walnut with
lovely hints of cocoa and candied orange peel.


The wine is complex, intense, yet refined and smooth
with flavors of cherry pit, clove and cinnamon. We also find delicate aromas of pear, litchi and linden
flowers originating from the 80 year old Cognac we used to stop the alcoholic fermentation.

Growing Conditions

We had the opportunity to make this late bottled vintage port style wine in 2006. It is entirely made
with Cabernet Sauvignon from the Howell Mountain Vineyard

This wine is produced from Cabernet Sauvignon grown at Hughes Vineyard, at 1750 – 1800 feet
elevation on the west side of Howell Mountain, all handpicked on October 31, 2006 and gently
brought to the winery in our small picking bins.


Harvested on: October 31, 2006


This wine has not been fined nor
filtered so you may find some deposit at the bottom of the bottle. We recommend that you keep the
bottle up-right a few days before opening and decanting it.


Carefully selected sundried berries cold soak with the help of dry ice for a week in a new French
barrel from the cooper Taransaud from Cognac, immediately followed by the alcoholic fermentation,
extended maceration and ageing in a new smaller French barrel.


38 months in a 100 % new French oak barrel


Densely dark purple.

Food Pairing

You may
enjoy this wine on its own or with your favorite chocolate dessert