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A brief history

Merryvale Vineyards is a family-owned Napa Valley winery producing small production lots from select vineyard sources. For over 30 years Merryvale has been turning exceptional Napa Valley grapes into world class wine. Merryvale is world renowned for rich, powerful Cabernet Sauvignons and Chardonnays, and their iconic Bordeaux-style red blend, Profile. Merryvale's historic building was the first winery built in the Napa Valley after the Repeal of Prohibition in 1933, and has become a favorite destination for visitors to the valley.; Merryvale is committed to protecting and preserving the environment through conservation, renewable energy and sustainable farming practices. Merryvale has received Napa Green Vineyard, Napa Green Winery and Bay Area Green Business certifications.
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Established in 1983

1000 Main Street
Napa Valley, California, United States


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Merryvale Vineyards Cabernet Franc Bottle Preview
Merryvale VineyardsCabernet Franc

Merryvale Vineyards Late Harvest Reisling Bottle Preview
Merryvale VineyardsLate Harvest Reisling

Merryvale Vineyards Profile Red Wine Bottle Preview
Merryvale VineyardsProfile Red Wine