The final blend retains the notes of citrus rind, meyer lemon, key lime, and subtle tropical fruits. Barrel aging has helped to round the corners, and also added a hint of toast and matchstick to the aromas.

Growing Conditions

The 2014 growing season was another drought year, yielding an early spring and lengthy, generous summer. The combination of these conditions translated into one of the earliest harvests on record, which allowed us ample time to pick our grapes before the autumn rains arrived. This gave us the distinct luxury to pick at the optimum ripeness for our estate and the ability to craft wines purely representative of or our terroir and wine making-philosophy.

Our 2014 wines are the epitome of natural elegance and purity of place illustrating the signature of Marciano Estate’s winemaking philosophy. The exceptional quality of our estate allows our winemaker’s gentle touch to encourage the inherent depth and finesse of the fruit. From bloom to bottle, these wines capture the essence of Marciano Estate.

The latest offering of our estate white wine is the product of one of the driest growing seasons in California history. Our yields with the white wines were very low, and the juice we obtained was definitely the brightest, most intense we have tasted since we started this project.

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During fermentation, we were careful to preserve the freshness and intensity of the juice. Malolactic fermentation was inhibited, and every effort was made to protect the young wine from oxidation.

Barrel fermented in a combination of 25% new French oak barrels, 25% stainless steel barrels, and 50% neutral oak barrels