Aromas of lush pear and peach, as well as sweet vanilla notes found in wine crafted from Muscat grapes.

Growing Conditions

Rich and sweet, Moscato Amabile has been a favorite of the Martini family for three generations, and makes a memorable and festive finish to meals. In Italian, Moscato Amabile translates to “friendly Moscato,” an apt moniker for this rare sweet wine.


We achieve elegance and retain acidity in our trademark Moscato Amabile thanks to a slow, cold fermentation. After picking in the cool, early morning hours, the Muscat grapes are cold-settled for 24 hours and fermented cool. We arrest fermentation while the wine is still quite sweet, giving the wine its sought-after, decadent character. Crafted in limited quantities, our dessert Moscato Amabile makes for excellent sipping on its own or when paired with the likes of mild cheeses or fruit-focused desserts.