"A captivating cerise red, this vibrantly colored Rosé presents alluring fruit aromas of decadent cherry and strawberry, complemented by fresh rose petals and a hint of bubblegum. The wine dances on the palate with freshly picked cherries and strawberries, crisp and lively, with subtle notes of strawberry shortcake and a beautifully zesty finish. Bone dry yet vivaciously fruity, this medium bodied Rosé will quickly have you pouring that second glass.” - Heidi Barrett, winemaker

Growing Conditions

A somewhat early bud break in April was followed by flowering and bloom in May. We saw early and even ripening through much of the Valley and experienced no concerning heat spikes. Due in part to ongoing drought yields were much lower across Napa Valley, however we remarkably saw ~25% increase in tonnage at our mountaintop vineyard.


Produced in the saignée (bleeding off the juice after limited contact with skins) fashion and fermented dry, our Rosé is darker in color than many in the market today. The presence of color can be directly associated with flavor, of which this wine has plenty.