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Lagniappe Peak Vineyards

A brief history

Lagniappe Peak Vineyards:; Lagniappe (LAN-yap) is a word used in Louisiana to signify an unexpected gift or something extra; which is exactly what we found when we purchased our ten acre estate in 1999. We, in turn, strive to bring you something extra with each vintage of Lagniappe Peak.; Care, craft and terroir are the guiding principles which drive our passion to bring you the highest quality wine. We don´t care to be big; rather we care to be stewards of the land and vintners of wines with exceptional character.; With that in mind we create 2 portfolios of wines. The first are wines made from grapes exclusively grown our estate; these are our Proprietor´s Reserve. We also create wines made from grapes sourced from growers with whom we have established personal connections. The vast majority of these are single vineyard designate wines; we also source a significant proportion of our production from neighboring properties in the Atlas Peak AVA.; First and foremost, we care to create wines that perfectly express the place and micro-climate that give our fruit its unique expression of each varietal´s characteristics. In a word, we want our wines to embody the unique terroir of Lagniappe Peak and of our partner vineyards.; Craft defines everything that we do. It begins in the vineyard with a clear vision of what we are trying to achieve. Our vineyard has been designed to express the unique aspects of our location and soil. We strive to select grower partners who share the same vision and dedication.; Craft continues with our vineyard practices, which encourage the highest quality fruit with minimal intervention. Our winemaking adheres to these guiding principles in the handling of our fruit, the selection of our barrels and the custom blending of each vintage.; Care, craft and terroir are the something extra, or lagniappe which we strive to bring to each vintage.

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