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A brief history

A visit to Jarvis Estate is an extraordinary journey into the world of exceptional winemaking. Visitors to the country´s first winery built entirely underground are offered an intimate glimpse into the meticulous steps that go into producing its lush Chardonnays, rich Cabernet Sauvignons and velvety Merlots, among others.; Touring the 45,000 square foot cave is a unique experience and reveals how the Jarvis Estate approach to crafting world-class wines differs from what is found virtually anywhere else. The tour includes a visit to the Cuve Gallery, a collection of one dozen massive oak vessels assembled in the cave by French coopers and used to make certain the exceptional flavors developed in the estate vineyards are not compromised. The underground waterfall near the end of the tour ensures the steady cave temperatures of 61_F and humidity that are vital to the Jarvis Estate signature style of extended aging in new French oak barrels.; Guests have the opportunity to enjoy the rewards of these painstaking efforts. The tour concludes with an intimate, seated experience in our Tasting Chamber where visitors will sample six Jarvis Estate and Reserve Collection wines.; The Jarvis Cave is fronted by a several acre grassy meadow which was originally designed to be an ecological parking area. ÌÎ_Rather than use asphalt, the area was finished with sand to support cars and planted to native grass.; Jarvis has received its formal designation as Napa Green Certified. ÌÎ_The winery is self sufficient in its water consumption by virtue of the two natural lakes on the estate, and all of the winery´s energy needs are met by an extensive solar array that powers every aspect of the winery.
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