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A brief history

In 2008, the Scotto Family began preparing for the production of a collection of world class wines from Napa Valley dedicated to and named for their long time friend, trusted advisor and iconic California wine industry personality John McClelland. J. McClelland Cellars was launched in celebration of the 10th anniversary of their friendship, John's continuing contribution to Scotto Cellars and to honor his six decades of service to the industry. All fruit would be sourced from select Napa Valley vineyards by Winery Director and Winemaker Paul Scotto and vinified with Winemaker Mark Smith at the Scotto family's newly acquired J. McClelland Cellars winery in the Valley's eastern hills

In 2014 the J. McClelland Cellars team was enhanced with the addition of Mitch Cosentino, the renowned and frequently awarded winemaker who brought many years of Napa Valley knowledge, experience and vineyard contacts to the project. Since its first release in 2015, JMC wines have garnered more than four dozen prestigious awards and 90+ point scores from highly respected critics as well as national and international wine competitions. click here to view a complete list.

In 2013, the Scotto family decided to expand their Napa Valley presence by producing a wine honoring their 50th harvest in California. Although they envisioned 50 Harvests as a singular addition to their portfolio, it was also intended to memorialize the family's winemaking heritage originating on the Island of Ischia just off the Italian coast in 1883. That is when Salvatore Dominic Scotto began the family's five-generation journey producing quality wines to grace the table of eager followers.

In 2017 The Lost Chapters was born representing the culmination of 5th generation Winemaker Paul Scotto's dream. Each year Paul sources and crafts dozens of brands, varietals and blends for the Scotto Family's extensive wine portfolio. In his relentless search for just the right barrel lots to fit the profile of each bottling, Paul occasionally encounters something very special that deserves its own place. While these select and limited lots may enhance a given blend, they would also present themselves far better as a stand-alone that most likely would not be repeated in future vintages.

Winemakers Paul Scotto and Mitch Cosentino both agree wholeheartedly that before the first grape is brought to the winery 80% to 90% of the eventual wine's merit has been determined in the vineyard as it is the ultimate contributor to a wine's excellence. For all wines in The JMC Luxury Portfolio, only the finest Napa Valley vineyards are chosen based on their history of wines produced plus the meticulous attention paid to the soil and each vine.

Paul's overriding philosophy is "patience and letting the vineyard tell me what to do." And Mitch adds that "A visual inspection is important but tasting wines produced from the site, with a conscientious effort to separate winemaking influences, is paramount to determining the character of the vineyard."
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Featured Wines

J. McClelland Cellars The Lost Chapters 2019 Carneros Pinot Noir Bottle Preview
J. McClelland CellarsThe Lost Chapters 2019 Carneros Pinot Noir

Lush aromatics highlighted by rhubarb, red cherry and ripe plum. Multiple layers of flavor including red fruit notes that grace the palate with broad, well balanced and complex traces of citrus in the back.

J. McClelland Cellars The Lost Chapters 2018 Sonoma Coast Cabernet Sauvignon Bottle Preview
J. McClelland CellarsThe Lost Chapters 2018 Sonoma Coast Cabernet Sauvignon

Pomegranate, currants, green pepper and tea aromatics. Briary, spicy, Cabernet notes in the old California style with a Bordeaux like balance and structure, big and long with great potential to age for a couple of decades. A true big red meat wine.

J. McClelland Cellars The Lost Chapters 2018 Sonoma Valley Cabernet Franc Bottle Preview
J. McClelland CellarsThe Lost Chapters 2018 Sonoma Valley Cabernet Franc

Black currants, spice and mineral aromatics. Beautiful black cherry and clove upfront with complex components, a big structure and tight balance. This was sourced from a tiny Napa Valley vineyard that yields less than five tons and has been used in Napa Valley wines for several years. This wine has great potential to age well for at least a decade, perhaps two.

J. McClelland Cellars J.McClelland Cellars 2017 Napa Valley Chardonnay Bottle Preview
J. McClelland CellarsJ.McClelland Cellars 2017 Napa Valley Chardonnay

This Napa Valley classic has floral aromatics with hints of pear, limestone and spice. The rich, well balanced flavors are supple and broad through the center leading to a crisp finish. The dynamic flavor profile includes pear, white fig, citrus and cream notes. The winemaking style and vinification techniques make this Chardonnay ideal to enjoy tonight but also gives it exceptional aging potential and the ability to mature in the bottle for at least 8-10 years.

J. McClelland Cellars The Lost Chapters 2017 Napa County Petite Sirah Bottle Preview
J. McClelland CellarsThe Lost Chapters 2017 Napa County Petite Sirah

Deep purple-ruby natural color abounds. River stone minerality, black pepper, currants and black rose notes fill the aromatic profile. Flavors cross a broad spectrum of fruits: dense currants blackberries, black plums with rhubarb and peppercorns, well centered and big structured yet with a surprising suppleness on the mid-palate. It finishes long, spicy and firm with some ripe tannins.

J. McClelland Cellars The Lost Chapters 2017 Napa Valley Merlot Bottle Preview
J. McClelland CellarsThe Lost Chapters 2017 Napa Valley Merlot

The deep garnet hue hints at the body and flavor complexity to follow. Nuanced aromas of raspberries, white pepper, anise, and dark chocolate are followed by bountiful flavors including raspberries and earth, with hints of vanilla and spice. The medium bodied release carries just enough tannin to make it a great pairing with marbled cuts of meat and rich hard cheeses.