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A brief history

At Girard, we are passionate about wine, we are dedicated to the land, and we are proud to call Napa Valley home.

For the past 40+ years, Girard has been singularly dedicated to ensuring balance in our wines. Our decades-long relationship with growers along with small-batch fermentation techniques and meticulous blending, produce consistently award-winning wines that offer richness, complexity and balance in each sip. We are dedicated to employing techniques and operating a facility that allows us to take the time with each and every wine to express its true character.

Napa Valley is steeped in tradition and built on the hard work of families of growers who pioneered this acclaimed winegrowing region.

Our vintner Pat Roney and winemaking team, Marco DiGiulio and Glenn Hugo, have forged decades-long relationships with growers throughout the valley. We have cultivated friendships with these families whose ancestors were among the first to plant in Napa and whose vineyards we have fallen in love with. Each vintage, we are proud to select fruit from the best sites ranging from mountaintop Cabernet Sauvignon to valley floor Sauvignon Blanc to reflect wines that are authentically Napa.

Pride is at the heart of our relationships: these winegrowers are proud of their fruit and what we do with it. We acknowledge their efforts by respecting their name, their business and the grapes they grow by producing wine that can only be described as authentic and consistent.
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