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We believe in the entrepreneurial spirit. We raise our glass in celebration to those who are willing to take the road less traveled in hopes to achieve their dreams while making the world a better place. We started Fearless Wines with a goal to do things differently and buck the trend that exceptional wine crafted in Napa Valley is limited to Cabernet Sauvignon.
Instead, utilizing the knowledge of our winemaker, Chelsea Hoff, we've sourced unique grape varietals and crafted them with the exceptional winemaking practices that have made Napa Valley a hotspot for some of the best wines in the world. The result is nothing short of spectacular, and we can't wait to share our passion with you.
It's easy to think of wine crafted in Napa Valley has holding a price tag of $100+. However, because we skip the markups associated with distributors and retailers, we're able to sell our wines directly to you. Vineyard to table isn't just a catchy tagline for us. It's a way of doing business to provide you the highest quality wines at an affordable price.
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Fearless WinesFearless Rosé

Fearless Rosé is a head turner as soon as it enters the room with its unmistakably recognizable Beyoncé curved bottle shape and salmon tinted hue. It’s refreshingly lively with aromas of orange blossoms, jasmine flowers, and fraises de bois jumping from the glass. It’s so delicious, we’ve been asked once or twice to bottle this perfume as our signature scent. Beautiful on the palate with layers of ripe strawberries and summer watermelon, this delicious rosé will leave you coming back for another sip. Mouthwatering acidity and fresh minerality deliver an elegant finish. Its presence is as welcome poolside as it is backstage at a Taylor Swift concert. This wine is crafted in a dry style inspired by the great rosés of Provence. Enjoy chilled with the ones you love!