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A brief history

Etude was established 1982, when founding winemaker Tony Soter set his sights on the cool-climate Carneros region in the pursuit of producing world class Pinot Noir.

As a winemaker, Tony always had a fascination with Pinot Noir. He was quoted as saying "Pinot Noir is the most appropriate vehicle with which to study wine growing, precisely because of its demanding nature but also because of its delicacy and transparency. Make no mistake it is a humbling pursuit, but when it’s right, Pinot Noir is a glorious and moving thing. It is in the pursuit of that experience that we all work.”
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Established in 1982

1250 Cuttings Wharf Road
United States, California


Meet The Team

  • Jon Priest

    Jon’s focus is on inspired winegrowing - growing grapes in the perfect place with the right conditions, creating superior wines of world class character. This intentful winemaking expresses the inherent qualities of each varietal while showcasing the unique characteristics and a defined sense of place.

    A native of the Central Coast of California, Jon began his wine career when he returned home from college and joined the legendary Wine Cask Company in Santa Barbara. This became his finishing school for wine appreciation and where he began to refine his palate. Feeling a need to gain a more hands-on connection to the vineyard and winemaking, he joined Wild Horse Winery in 1989, where he worked his way up to winemaker in 1999. He then moved on to winemaking roles at Adelaida Cellars, Taz, and finally to Etude in 2005.

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  • Marc Zaccaria

    Marc grew up as the youngest son of a first generation Italian-American family where wine was always a staple at the dinner table. He joined Treasury Wine Estates in 2007 as a winemaking Intern upon graduation from California Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo (go Mustangs!) where he originally studied bio-chemistry with a path to go in to Pharmacy. Marc changed his major to Enology after discovering a passion for wine while wine tasting in the nearby Paso Robles and the Edna Valley wine countries, and the rest, as they say, was history.

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