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A brief history

Ellman Family Vineyards presents boutique wines designed for the wine enthusiast who wants to create a memorable experience with every lasting sip. Ten years in development, our wines come from the finest vineyards in the Napa Valley and Sonoma Coast regions. ÌÎ_ÌÎ_The Ellman brothers haveÌÎ_always had a deep affinity for food, wine and friendship. This led to the creation of Ellman Family Vineyards in 2005, first as a hobby, but quickly expanding into a successful wine business.ÌÎ_Today, Ellman Family Vineyards is considered a top boutique wine that appeals to the wine enthusiast who enjoys pairing great wine with great food and great friends.; The seed to be in the wine business was planted the very first time we visited the magnificent Napa Valley in the 1990s. The vineyards stretched as far as our eyes could see, and the incredible aromas from the tasting rooms wrapped our senses in a cloud of desire mixed with a vision that one day we would be part of that experience. We felt an instant connection to the Valley and went back often, drawn by the insatiable pull of our dream. Fueled by passion and a need for perfection, we learned all we could about the making of wine, the growing of grapes and the business of creating a brand of wine our entire family would be proud of. Our wines encompass the finest flavors from the different regions across the Napa Valley and Sonoma Coast regions. By exploring these different areas, we´ve been able to hand-pick the grapes from premium vineyards and create our Pinot Noirs, Red Blends and Sauvignon Blanc. AsÌÎ_the icing on theÌÎ_cake, we were fortunate to purchase a 14-acre vineyard in Napa on land that borders the famed Silverado Trail. We´re proud to say that our grapes currently supply Caymus Vineyards, which is one of the great Cabernet brands in Napa and will continue to do so in the future. The original water tower and barn are key features on the property as well as the sprawling vines and soon to be new home which will keep with the time-honored tradition of the area. What began as a dream for two brothers from Durban, South Africa, has become a reality.
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