The 2012 growing season offered near-perfect growing conditions. Though budbreak was late due to heavy spring rains, warm weather during bloom allowed the vines to set a large crop. Increased yields were the result of more berries, not larger berries. This translated into even higher quality in the winery, as the skin-to-juice ratio remained ideal. Slightly cooler-than-average post-veraison weather and a lack of any heat events allowed for greatly extended hang time. Harvest was 2-3 weeks later than average, and the grapes arrived at the winery in pristine condition.


Once again, Patzimaro has yielded an intensely aromatic wine with alluring layers of cherry cola, graphite, petrichor and plum sauce. As it continues to open up, additional notes of licorice and rose petal slowly reveal themselves, showcasing the wine’s depth and complexity. On the palate, round supple tannins support abundant flavors of blueberry, olive, cherry wood and black licorice.


Cooperage 100% French oak Chateau-style barrels (60 gallons) Barrel Aging: 18 months Age of Barrels: 85% new, 15% second vintage